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"Proud as I am of my two Emmys, the best part of being on TV is getting to work with families and help them fix up their yards and homes."

Shows:    Fix This Yard     Picker Sisters     Extreme Makeover Home Edition     Mobile Home Disaster     Wedding Day     The Outdoor Room    

Fix This Yard - A&E

Hosts Alan Luxmore and Amy Devers completely renovate the yards and exteriors of needy homes that are run down, totally overgrown and neglected with junk strewn everywhere. They teach homeowners how to spend their money wisely on practical and easy techniques for updating and maintaining their yards. In just one weekend, they'll boost the property value and turn the eyesore into the envy of the neighborhood!   Fix This Yard on A&E

Alan Luxmore - The Picker Sisters

Picker Sisters - Lifetime

Alan Luxmore is "Picker Sisters" visionary contractor who works along side co-hosts Tonya Mcqueen and Tracy Hutson to transform junkyard trash into treasure. TV's dream design team has keen eyes for style and intuitive design instincts. Whether it's a tarnished fuel tank sitting in a junkyard, mangled barbed wire, rusty tire wheels or the weathered wood from an entire barn, "Picker Sisters" reaffirms the classic saying "one person's trash is another's treasure". Online reviews deem Alan the "Michelangelo" of contractors.   Picker Sisters on Lifetime

Alan Luxmore - Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover Home Edition - ABC

We don't know about you, but it is what's lurking behind that big bus which keeps us absolutely riveted from week-to-week: a house pimped out to the Extreme. It's Extremely uplifting, as the renovated home always belongs to a deserving family. It's Extreme transformation. And it's Extremely community-oriented. Alan was Project Manager for the first 3 seasons and made a lasting impact on the crew, the families and audiences alike.   Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC

Alan Luxmore - Mobile Home Disasters

Mobile Home Disasters - CMT

Mobile Home Disaster takes deserving families and makes their dreams come true. Each week, the design team, which includes contractor Alan Luxmore, a designer and two carpenters, hit the road to turn one lucky family's world upside down. Lead by comedic host, John Caparulo, the Mobile Home Disaster team surprises a family, sends them on a journey and in just four short days transforms their mobile home into the crown jewel of the neighborhood. The family is the envy of their friends and family as everyone comes together for the big reveal of the family's new home.   Mobile Home Disasters on CMT

Alan Luxmore - Wedding Day

Wedding Day - TNT

Alan Luxmore was the Project Manager in this real-life dream wedding show. "Wedding Day" takes a deserving couple who cannot afford their dream wedding and with the help of devoted family and friends, give it to them. Alan works with families to make their wedding dreams come true. A show aimed straight for the heart strings by way of the tear ducts, but it may stir up as much anger as joy.   Wedding Day on IMDB

Alan Luxmore - The Outdoor Room

The Outdoor Room - HGTV

Alan Luxmore worked as Project Manager alongside designer Jamie Durie to create dream outdoor rooms. With a client roster that includes A-list celebrities and five-star hotels, Jamie Durie is one of the most well-renowned and sought-after landscape artists in the world. Jamie's demand for perfection can be intense, and he puts his new team through the ringer. The challenges come fast and furious, can everyone keep up?   The Outdoor Room on HGTV

Alan the Reality TV Star

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