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Millions of people have fallen in love with this hunky do-it-yourself contractor, project manager, gardener and now father. Read and watch below to find out why. We’re sure you will too!

Hallmark Channel's Home & Family

DIY Baby Changing Station with Alan Luxmore
TV personality, general contractor and father, Alan Luxmore gushes about his newborn son, Archer. On his new show, "Projects Are Calling," Alan visits other dads to help them complete projects on their honeydo lists. Today, the hands-on daddy demonstrates how to construct a baby changing station for when he's on diaper duty.

OUR Magazine

Alan Luxmore, King of Construction

"When laid out side by side, these three passions don't seem to add up. Having a desire to give back and loving carpentry -- all while being not only infatuated, but talented in the art of acting seems like a farfetched trio, but the threesome all someone reside in one man. Alan Luxmore." → read full article


Alan Luxmore's Fix This Yard Renovates Reality TV

"In the ever-growing mix of cable reality shows, it has become increasingly difficult to find a captivating show that doesn't rely on sensational camera tricks, space swaps and concocted conflicts to reel in unsuspecting viewers. Fortunately, for do-it-yourselfers who prefer substance over spectacle, A&E has revived a third season of the hit show "Fix This Yard, starring Alan Luxmore as the captivating host who successfully combines real-life results with much needed makeovers." → read full article

Birds & Blooms

Thrifty Gardener Q & A

"What's your favorite way to recycle in the garden?
Any to-go container from a restaurant is great for garden organizing. I use them to keep my shed organized, whether it's for hardware or gardening. I put screws, nuts, bolts, seeds, etc,. in them and then label them with a Sharpie marker." → read full article

Alan's Primetime Emmy Awards

Alan won Primetime Emmy Awards for 2 Seasons on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Below are copies of his Award Certificates.